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Brian Higgins gives you the 4-1-1 in the 3-1-5 weekdays 4-6pm!

Keeping Up With The 315 4-15-24

Brian Higgins begins the show discussing some questions he has about Syracuse men’s basketball’s transfer portal plans after Jyare Davis and Dakota Leffew both visited this weekend with neither committing… Until after today’s show ended that is. Then, Brian makes some observations about the two newest Syracuse football commits. Later, Brian reacts to Justin Taylor…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-12-24

Brian starts the show off with Portal Watch Day 26 where he talks about a SU Football player leaving this off season. He then spends time discussing Judah Mintz declaring for the draft and what that means for Coach Autry in terms of recruiting. Next, Brian goes over Syracuse MLAX weekend matchup against UNC, how…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-11-24

Brian Higgins begins today’s show reacting to the passing of OJ Simpson before further discussing Syracuse men’s basketball bringing Dan Engelstad onto the coaching staff. Then, another edition of Portal Watch from about an hour before Judah Mintz’s announcement that he’ll be entering the NBA Draft. Later, a caller wants to talk Fran Brown before…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-10-24

On Today’s #The315 Brian starts the show of with Portal Watch Day 24. He also goes over what the “Dead Period” is in terms of recruiting. Next, Brian discusses Fran Brown and some more info on ‘Cuse Football. Finally, Brian wraps the podcast up with BREAKING NEWS! It was released mid show today that Mount…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-9-24

Brian Higgins starts today’s show with Portal Watch Day 23 where he goes over what is happening in the transfer portal, before talking about last night’s NCAA tournament. Next, Brian takes a call from a listener where they dive deeper into the game. To end things, Brian goes to the phone lines once again to…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-8-24

Brian Higgins begins the show with the latest portal watch update, including a profile on a forward that Syracuse has reached out to. Then, he goes over a list of schools that have reportedly reached out to Quadir Copeland and why he is rooting for all the SU guys in the portal to play against…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-5-24

Brian begins the show discussing the Judah Mintz stuff from yesterday and recapping what we know of the current Syracuse basketball roster. Then, a couple loyal callers chime in with their thoughts on the Judah situation. Lastly, Brian gives you the Man Who Sorta Knows gambling picks this weekend.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-4-24

Brian starts the show off today talking about an article that has released discussing Judah Mintz desire to declare for the upcoming NBA draft. He then took a caller to end the segment. Next, Brian took a call from another long time listener about the topic. Finally, Brian finished things off with another caller, where…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-3-24

Brian opens the show discussing the news that Colorado center Eddie Lampkin is coming to Syracuse and what that means for the potential rotation next season. Then, he has some random breaking news before an update on FRAN BROWN and SU football. Lastly, Brian gives his thoughts on Stefon Diggs being traded to the Texans.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 4-2-24

Today, Brian starts #The315 out with day 16 of portal watch, where he spends a lot of time on Maliq Brown. he mentions an instagram post by Quadir Copeland, and took a call from a viewer. Next, Brian keeps the phone lines open with call from more viewers. Finally, Brian wraps the show up with…you…Continue Reading

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