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Brian Higgins gives you the 4-1-1 in the 3-1-5 weekdays 4-6pm!

Keeping Up With The 315 9-15-23

Brian opens the show reacting to the latest injury news and detailing how much he thinks the injuries could impact the Syracuse game tomorrow night. Then, the Man Who Sorta Knows gives out his gambling picks for the week before Brian tells you exactly what is going to happen in the SU/Purdue game in “No…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-14-23

Brian opened the show talking about Syracuse and Purdue’s week 3 matchup. He referenced to last years matchup and how this game is a big one, given last years outcome. Next, Brian mentions how the ACC schedule is planned to be released on Tuesday. To end the podcast, Brian recaps the first hour of the…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-13-23

Brian Higgins kicks off the show setting the scene for and laying out the importance of Syracuse’s primetime showdown with Purdue on Saturday. Then, hear a little bit from Boilermakers head coach Ryan Walters ahead of the game. Later, Tim Leonard joins Brian in-studio with some NFL headlines of the day.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-12-23

Brian opened the show recapping week one in the NFL. Specifically, the organizations in New York. With two taking losses in the stat sheet, one team lost much more. Afterwords, Brian talks the reaction that Jets super fan Mike Greenberg had after losing Aaron Rodgers. Finally, Brian discussed the new Cuse NIL collection.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-11-23

Brian starts the show recapping Syracuse’s week two match up against WMU. He talked about how the receiving core looked and also discussed the injuries acquired during the big win. Next he went over Mario’s most recent Sacco Six Pack and looked at how The Man Who Sort of Knows did last week. Brian ended…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-8-23

Brian opened the show talking about similarities/differences between Syracuse’s Week 1 performance from this year opposed to last. He then goes over some adjustments we may see from SU during their Week 2 appearance. Afterward Brian gives listeners a chance at tickets for this weekend. Finally Brian wraps it up with “No Wrong Answers”.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-7-23

Brian started the show by giving listeners an update on former SU wide receiver Mike Williams’ current status. Next, he highlighted past meetings between Syracuse Football and WMU ahead of their week 2 match up. Afterward, Brian talked some NFL as we gear up for our first game of the new season. Finally, Brian gave…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-6-23

Brian opened the show discussing the reported passing of former SU wide receiver Mike Williams and some of Brian’s favorite plays/stories from the former player. Next he previewed Syracuse’s net match up. Brian finished the show with new reports that Mike Williams had not passed but is in critical condition.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-1-23

Brian starts the show discussing the new additions to the ACC and how it will impact the conference and SU specifically. Afterwards, Brian is joined by Mario and The Man That Sort of Knows to go over this weeks sports bets. To end things, Brian gives away two tickets to Syracuse’s home opener before forecasting…Continue Reading

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