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Keeping Up With The 315 11-29

Brian Higgins starts the show previewing bowl season for Syracuse, exploring the possibilities and the games which have been ruled out. Later, Brian dives into the history of the ACC-Big Ten Challenge and discusses the significance of tonight’s game for the Orange.Continue Reading

Luke Hancock “The 315” 11-29

ACC Network basketball analyst Luke Hancock joins Brian Higgins to discuss the ACC’s struggles early in the men’s basketball season with a World Cup surprise worked in.Continue Reading

30 Minutes In Orange Nation 11-29

Steve and Paulie start the show looking at tonight’s SU-Illinois game. Later, they have a passionate debate on the state of the program with a well-known local caller. Later, Syracuse University AD John Wildhack joins the show to discuss this weekend’s scuffles and his thoughts on how the football team finished its season.Continue Reading

Newhouse At Night 11-28

Bryce Gelman and Doug Lattuca start things off with criticism for the Syraucse men’s basketball team after a lackluster start. Then, Adam Gotkin and Sam Reis reflect on the 7-5 football season with a bowl game ahead.Continue Reading

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