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Keeping Up With The 315 3-31-23

Brian Higgins begins the show discussing the news that Chris Bell and Benny Williams are both returning and what that says about new Head Coach Adrian Autry. Then, Brian goes into ways the Orange could get Jesse Edwards NIL money even though he is an international athlete. Finally, Tim Leonard joins Brian to preview the big lacrosse game this weekend and talk SU women’s basketball.

Thomas Casale “The 315” 3-31-23

Thomas Casale from the Action Network joins Brian Higgins to preview the Final Four from a betting standpoint, discuss how neutral site games impact wagering strategies, and what he’ll be focusing in on with college basketball coming to an end.Continue Reading

Mario Sacco “The 315” 3-31-23

NewsChannel 9’s Mario Sacco joins Brian Higgins to give the people what they want – his weekly six-pack of picks to make your sports wagering weekend a good one… HopefullyContinue Reading

30 Minutes In Orange Nation 3-31-23

Steve and Paulie kick off the show reacting to Chris Bell announcing his return to play his sophomore year at Syracuse and how it impacts the rest of the undecided players’ decisions. Then, some Final Four discussion with Scooter before Paulie gives a creative solution for trucks hitting the Onondaga Lake Parkway Bridge. Later, Jordan…Continue Reading

John Ryan “Orange Nation” 3-31-23

28-year professional sports bettor John Ryan joins Steve and Paulie to gives some Final Four plays, discuss why he’s transitioning to only betting NBA totals in-game, dish out some MLB futures bets including a longshot to win the AL Pennant Race, and more.Continue Reading

Dan Murphy “Orange Nation” 3-31-23

Dan Murphy, writer for ESPN specializing in business and NIL, joins the show to discuss the ongoing issues with allowing international players, like Jesse Edwards, to benefit from Name, Image, and Likeness.Continue Reading

Randy Miller “Orange Nation” 3-31-23

Randy Miller, Yankees writer for, joins Orange Nation to describe the vibes at Yankee Stadium for MLB Opening Day, shed some light on why Anthony Volpe is becoming such a popular figure amongst fans and teammates, and more.Continue Reading

Mike McAllister “Orange Nation” 3-31-23’s Mike McAllister joins Steve and Paulie to discuss how the hiring of Brenden Straughn could help Syracuse men’s basketball recruiting, update the fans on some recruiting visits that have been set up for basketball and football, and more.Continue Reading

Andrew Siciliano “The 315” 3-30-23

NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano joins Brian Higgins to discuss where Lamar Jackson might end up, If the Patriots could trade for him, Aaron Rodgers, and what to make of the QB’s at the top of the NFL Draft this year.Continue Reading

Alyssa Murray-Cometti “The 315” 3-30-23

Inside Lacrosse writer and former SU women’s lax player Alyssa Murray-Cometti joins Brian Higgins to talk women’s lacrosse, especially with the No. 1 Orange still undefeated. Finally, she gives her take on who can win the national championship.Continue Reading

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