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Keeping Up With the 315 6-7-23

Brian Higgins is here for another smoky day in the 315, pondering the new college basketball year-round calendar and the lack of Cuse football talk thus far. Plus, Josh Allen was named the cover athlete of Madden 24 and Brian goes through the history to decide if it’s a blessing or a curse. Finally, Iron Sheik passed away today, but how does that correlate to the LIV-PGA merger?

Greg Ducharme “The 315” 6-7-23

Greg Ducharme of the “First Cut Podcast” joins the show to break down the last couple days in golf with the merging of LIV and the PGA. Greg details what this means for the sport moving forward, the players that were loyal to the PGA, and the guys that jumped ship for LIV over the…Continue Reading

Eric Malanoski “The 315” 6-7-23

Since we are 12 weeks away from football season, Brian Higgins starts a new series where he previews every Syracuse football opponent over the next 12 weeks. This week, he chats with Colgate Football Play-by-Play announcer Eric Malanoski about what we can expect from the Raiders and what the week one game will mean to…Continue Reading

30 Minutes In Orange Nation 6-7-23

Paulie and Steve open the show discussing if fans should be upset that Syracuse is not being included in any Preseason Top 25 lists. They then talk about what the expectations for this team should be in the non-conference portion of the schedule. Lastly, the show falls completely off the rails when Paulie poses a…Continue Reading

Aron Solomon “Orange Nation” 6-7-23

Esquire Digital’s Aron Solomon joins Paulie and Steve to give his insights on the LIV/PGA Tour deal from a lawyer’s perspective. He explains why “merger” is not the best way to describe it and drops a wild scoop on the amount of money Jay Monahan is set to make off the deal.Continue Reading

Dr. Dan Westervelt “Orange Nation” 6-7-23

Scientist and professor on air pollution at Columbia, Dr. Dan Westervelt, joins Paulie and Steve to teach them some things about the current pollution in Syracuse, including how long we can expect it to continue, how dangerous it is and more.Continue Reading

Mike McAllister “Orange Nation” 6-7-23

Mike McAllister hops on the show to discuss the latest news around Syracuse basketball and his reactions to Judah Mintz coming back. Then, Mike gives the latest insight on a high-profile target in the 2024 basketball class and where Syracuse football stands on its hunt for a 2024 QB.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 6-6-23

Brian Higgins opens the show reacting to the wild news that the PGA Tour and LIV have merged and trying to make sense of why it happened and what it means. Later, he talks about the latest game added to the Syracuse men’s basketball schedule and how it’s shaping up to be a very challenging…Continue Reading

Chris Kirschner “The 315” 6-6-23

Yankees reporter Chris Kirschner from “The Athletic” joins the show to discuss the recent injury bug, including an update on Aaron Judge’s toe. Chris discusses potential replacements for now, as well as the huge impact Judge has had on the team thus far. Finally, a look at the rest of injuries on the team and…Continue Reading

Joe Sheehan “The 315” 6-6-23

Joe Sheehan from the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter joins Brian to discuss the latest MLB news, including the Oakland/maybe Las Vegas A’s and what to make of the state of that franchise. Plus, the two react to some breaking news surrounding Jacob deGrom.Continue Reading

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