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Keeping Up With the 315 6-7-23

Brian Higgins is here for another smoky day in the 315, pondering the new college basketball year-round calendar and the lack of Cuse football talk thus far. Plus, Josh Allen was named the cover athlete of Madden 24 and Brian goes through the history to decide if it’s a blessing or a curse. Finally, Iron Sheik passed away today, but how does that correlate to the LIV-PGA merger?

Keeping Up With The 315 6-6-23

Brian Higgins opens the show reacting to the wild news that the PGA Tour and LIV have merged and trying to make sense of why it happened and what it means. Later, he talks about the latest game added to the Syracuse men’s basketball schedule and how it’s shaping up to be a very challenging…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 6-5-23

Brian Higgins opens the show by sending best wishes to Tiana Mangakahia and looking back on some of her best moments in Orange. Then, he recaps a winning weekend from The Man Who Sorta Knows and finally takes a deep-dive into the wonky, wild world that is the College Football Hall of Fame ballot.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 6-2-23

Brian Higgins is live from the taste of Syracuse to tell you who he trusts and who he doesn’t trust on the Syracuse Men’s Basketball team. Then, he gives an update on the Men’s Lacrosse team and their recent portal activity, including a #SadStat. Finally, Dan Thome from Wildcat Pizza joins Brian.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 6-1-23

Brian Higgins gives his first reaction to Judah Mintz electing to come back to Syracuse for his sophomore season. Then, a couple of callers chime in wondering how Mintz’s return impacts the Orange’s rotation. Later, some of the questions burning in Brian’s mind now that SU’s roster is set.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With the 315 5-31-23

Brian Higgins shares his final thoughts on the impending Judah Mintz decision tonight and the most recent social media activity from the guard. Plus, we have more times for Syracuse football games and they are once again wacky. Finally, Luke Owens joins for “The 4-1-1” to discuss mascot salaries?!Continue Reading

Keeping Up With the 315 5-30-23

Brian Higgins’ Judah Mintz watch has almost ended, with just over a day left for the guard to make his decision on college vs the NBA. Plus, the women’s lacrosse team is officially eliminated and Syracuse football schedule news sees the Orange playing an early season primetime game. Finally, a deep dive into who’s coming…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 5-26-23

Brian Higgins delivers his final message to Judah Mintz and assesses the odds of former Cardinals wideout DeAndre Hopkins coming to play for the Bills. Then, the Man Who Sort of Knows gives his picks for the weekend with some help from Scooter in Jamesville. Later, it’s episode 2 of AI Fridays where Brian lets…Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 5-25-23

Brian Higgins begins the show giving an update on Judah Mintz with a targeted focus on post-combine workouts. Then, the Premier Lacrosse League is making some changes and Brian is all for them! Later, Brian isn’t impressed with the latest development in the ACC’s chapter of the conference realignment saga.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 5-24-23

Brian Higgins is back on portal watch, but this time it’s concerning the men’s lacrosse team and their two new Canadian middies. Then, focus shifts back to Judah Mintz and his impending decision. Finally, Luke Owens joins for “The 4-1-1” and sparks a conversation on the new nickname for George Washington University.Continue Reading

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