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Keeping Up With The 315 9-29-23

Brian Higgins starts the show addressing fans’ concerns with projected attendance for tomorrow’s Syracuse-Clemson game and responding to some callers with varying issues on the matter. Later, Brian tries to predict what will happen in the Orange-Tigers game on No Wrong Answers.

Mario Sacco “The 315” 9-29-23

NewsChannel 9’s Mario Sacco joins Brian Higgins to preview tomorrow’s Syracuse-Clemson game and give out his usual six-pack of sports betting picks for the weekend ahead.Continue Reading

30 Minutes In Orange Nation 9-29-23

Steve and Paulie start the show with one final discussion on attendance for tomorrow’s Syracuse-Clemson game which sparks a lineup of callers with varying thoughts on the matter. Later, Jordan joins the guys to talk baseball with the MLB Playoffs approaching before Scooter calls in with some information on how ticket resale impacts attendance numbers.Continue Reading

John Ryan “Orange Nation” 9-29-23

28-year pro sports bettor John Ryan joins Steve and Paulie to share his thoughts on Syracuse-Clemson tomorrow from a betting perspective as well as some other football games he’s got picks for this weekend.Continue Reading

Greg Slodysko “Orange Nation” 9-29-23

Otto’s Army President Greg Slodysko joins Steve and Paulie live from the Syracuse-Clemson camp-out on campus to discuss the importance of tomorrow’s game to the student body and how he’s gone about keeping students on campus engaged throughout the football season.Continue Reading

Keeping Up With The 315 9-28-23

Brian Started the show discussing Syracuse’s matchup against Clemson. He shinned the Series Spotlight on the importance of physicality for ‘Cuse these weekend. Later, Brian talked about how perplexed his is seeing the tickets for the game on sale and the importance of fans showing up. Finally, Brian brings in Heritage Hill owner Dan Palladino…Continue Reading

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