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The best and brightest from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University give you the inside scoop from the Hill M-F 6-8pm!

Newhouse At Night 3-30-23

Doug Lattuca and Bryce Gelman kick things off reacting to the breaking news of Chris Bell returning to Syracuse and praise the job Adrian Autry has done in his first offseason. Then, Jake Gourwitz and Ian Unsworth finish the show discussing the Brenden Straughn hire and what it means for recruiting.

Newhouse At Night 3-27-23

Harry Kelly and Jackson Holzer kick off the show discussing a crazy Final Four ahead with three first-time teams. Then, Emily Shiroff, Tyger Munn, and Josh Crawford wonder why no NFL teams seem interested in Lamar Jackson.Continue Reading

Newhouse At Night 3-22

On tonight’s Newhouse At Night, Andrew Della Piana and Luke Burgess open the show discussing the upward trend Syracuse men’s lacrosse. Then, Dylan Beyer and Rahill Jaiswal talk about the upcoming spring for SU football and the new number one team on campus.Continue Reading

Newhouse At Night 2-27-23

In the midst of a historically bad run, Troy Juhn and Jackson Holzer ponder whether it’s time to move on from Jim Boeheim. Then, Josh Crawford, Emily Shiroff, and Tyger Munn discuss the Syracuse women’s basketball team’s upcoming quest for the NCAA Tournament.Continue Reading

Newhouse at Night 2-21-23

Michael Villegas and Luke Schwartz discuss the big time feel of Syracuse’s matchup with Duke and how long that atmosphere will last. Later, Sam Reis and Adam Gotkin discuss the declining fan interest in Orange basketball.Continue Reading

Newhouse At Night 2-20-23

On tonight’s Newhouse at Night, Harry Kelly and Jackson Holzer open the show voicing their dissatisfaction with Syracuse’s performance against Duke. Then, Josh Crawford, Emily Shiroff, and Tyger Munn voice their concerns about Jesse Edwards’ play against more solid teams.Continue Reading

Newhouse At Night 2-6-23

On tonight’s show, Harry Kelly and Jackson Holzer talk Boeheim, NIL, and the future of college sports. Then, Tyger Munn, Josh Crawford, and Emily Shiroff discuss the Kyrie Irving trade and what it means for both the Nets and Mavs.Continue Reading

Newhouse At Night 1-31-23

On tonight’s Newhouse at Night, Luke Schwartz and Michael Villegas discuss last night’s Virginia-Syracuse game and the question heard around the world in Jim Boeheim’s postgame press conference regarding Benny Williams. Then, the man that asked the question himself Sam Corcoran joins Adam Gotkin and Sam Reis to break it down.Continue Reading

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