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We Get It: Reboot 4

Brent and Paulie are back for another episode of “We Get It” talking about fans cheering about injuries to opposing players. Later, they play “Yes or No” and go through This Week In History including a lot of news from the mid-90s.



We Get It: Reboot 2

Paulie and Brent are back. They start off talking about the Raptors, the NBA Finals and Drake. Later, they run through some of their most painful sports losses. And to finish up the podcast they play “Yes or No” and go through “This Week In History.”   LISTEN HEREContinue Reading

We Get It: Reboot 1

Brent and Paulie are back to reboot “We Get It” and start off by talking about Kim Kardashian’s tweet to Jack-In-The-Box before moving on to Tim Tebow’s first Triple-A home run. Later, they bring back staple segments “Yes or No” and “This Week In History”   LISTEN HEREContinue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 5-11

Daniel and Paulie spend much of today’s show arguing with each other, which makes Joe very happy. Who’s going to be in the NBA Finals? NostraDaniel makes a couple predictions. Gomez from TK99 pops in to play ‘So What?’ with Daniel, Paulie, and Joe.   LISTEN HEREContinue Reading

We Get It: Episode 19

Brent and Paulie are joined by Sports Host (and host of “The Show:” on KROCK) Josh Grosvent. They discuss why the ACC is a thing, which coaches are on the hot coals. Later, they get to “These People Are The Worst,” “Yes or No,” and “This Week in History.”   LISTEN HEREContinue Reading

We Get It: Episode 15

Brent and Paulie are back. This week, they are talking about Syracuse football and what the program could be with camp opening up. Brent also tells a weird Doug Marrone story. Paulie and Brent complain about MLB umpires, They get to their worst people, including fans of certain sports and Facebook habits. Later, they get…Continue Reading

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