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The Daniel Baldwin Show 1-3

On today’s show Daniel and the guys discuss the future of the show and discuss why Daniel is shocked that no one made a New Years resolution, resulting in him giving everyone a resolution for themselves. Also, the guys discuss if LeBron James was right when he said that he is the GOAT in basketball…Continue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 1-2

The guys are back for the New Year and the show starts with Daniel and Paulie talking about whether they were supposed to be on today. Later, Josh joins with “So What?” Then Daniel, Paulie and Seth talk about Syracuse’s win over West Virginia in the Camping World Bowl and what it means. They wrap…Continue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 12-28

On today’s show the guys are live from The Home Team Pub in Liverpool and recap their each other’s Christmas. Plus, Fierce with love joins the guys to give Daniel a very special gift and the girls from Sports Clips make picks with the guys for Syracuse’s Bowl Game against West Virginia. Also, the guys…Continue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 12-21

On today’s show Paulie gives Christmas gifts to Daniel and Forrest, the guys also discuss Rick Pitino getting a head coaching job in Greece. Also, the guys make their NFL picks, Forrest and Intern Griff draw logos, and the great Nostradaniel has a special Christmas quatrain. Plus, Forrest does ‘So What’ for Josh and so…Continue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 12-19

On today’s show the guys recap Syracuse’s loss to Buffalo and come to the realization that Syracuse just does not have a good team this year. Also, Daniel is shocked that Jon Gruden has interest in signing Nathan Peterman based on how awful he played for the Bills. Plus, Tony from Cams Pizzeria stops by…Continue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 12-18

On today’s show Daniel exposes a controversy with the F Up board, accusing Paulie of sabotaging Forrest. Also, the guys find out that Michael Jordan has been trying to sell his 56,000 square foot house in Chicago and cannot believe what is inside the house. Plus, the guys discuss what they think Syracuse has to…Continue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 12-17

On today’s show Daniel and the guys recap their weekends and discuss Forrest making another mistake bringing the F Up Board back to zero. Also, Etan Thomas joins the guys to discuss Syracuse’s loss to Old Dominion and what can be done for the team to improve before ACC play. Plus, Etan sticks around to…Continue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 12-13

On today’s show Daniel and the guys discuss Dino Babers’ contract extension and what this means for the long term future for Syracuse Football now that Babers in locked in. Also, no sports writer has chosen Syracuse to beat West Virginia in The Camping World Bowl, even without Will Grier playing and the guys give…Continue Reading

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