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The Daniel Baldwin Show 6-14

Sitting in the studio today is Anthony, who’s Galaxy’s newest sales rep. Where is LeBron James going? In ‘So What’ today, Josh does a story about Syracuse’s indoor soccer team moving to Utica. Plus, Paulie can’t stop making terrible jokes about a funny name for a golf course on Long Island.   LISTEN HEREContinue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 6-11

How did Galaxy Media’s basketball team do on Saturday at the Salvation Army 3-on-3 basketball tournament? Not well. KROCK’s Cody Mac was also on the team and he offered his analysis. Josh’s ‘So What’ features discussion about an engagement nobody cares about. Forrest the Intern sits in for some NBA talk & more on today’s…Continue Reading

The Daniel Baldwin Show 6-1

Daniel and Paulie are broadcasting from Taste of Syracuse in Downtown Syracuse, later joined by Josh. Paulie isn’t happy with the ACC. Daniel and Paulie debate JR Smith’s blunder in the NBA Finals last night. Forrest the Intern writes and hosts today’s So What and throws some fire at Paulie, who hits back. That leads…Continue Reading

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